Seed Processing is necessary in order to dry the seeds to safe moisture level ,removal of various undesirable material ,weed seeds,other crop seeds,deteriorated or damaged seeds,uniform size grading and seed treatment to upgrade the overall seed quality.It is the value addition operation to seed. Sungro has its own state-of-art ultra-modern seed processing plant at,Saha in Ambala District.The plant is located 16 Km away from Ambala Cantt. on Jagadhari-Haridwar road.

Earlier before March 2009 ,the plant was situated at Alipur,Delhi,in rental godown with small processing setup ,but due to increased marketing demand , production of vegetable seed has also been increased and to cater the timely processing and packing, the expansion plan of Processing plant has been taken in 5 acres land from 2008 at HSIIDC Saha. The entire building construction (Kirby structure) of 62000 sq .feet along with ,commissioning of new modern seed processing ,drying and packing machines has been completed by March 2009 and plant is operational from April 2009 and the first consignment of Hybrid Tomato was dispatched on 20.4.2009.

Other than these Sungro has one satellite processing setup at Sriganganagar (Rajasthan), since March 2009 as per seed production requirement.

Recently Sungro has started own processing and Packing plant at Kamdod, Ranebennur (Karnataka) location in Mahyco Premises and is operational from April 2012 to cater the marketing requirement from South and central India.


The Processing Plant activities are divided into five major sections.

1. Receiving 2 .Processing 3 .Drying and seed treatment 4 .Packaging and dispatch. 5 .Storage

1.Receiving - Receiving of unprocessed seed from farmers is done by weighment with barcode scanning of threshing Certificate, subject to initial physical inspection of seed for moisture and quality ,followed by sampling for GOT.

2.Seed cleaning and size grading - Seed cleaning and grading is necessary for removal of various undesirable material, weed seed ,other crop seed, damaged seed, uniform size grading on the basis of physical properties of seed i.e size, shape, weight, sp. gravity, surface texture.
Processing plant is equipped with wide range of ultra-modern processing machines having capacity from 25 Kg per hour to 2000 Kg per hour.

3.Drying and Seed treatment - Seed drying is necessary to dry the seed to safe moisture level for long term storage or to pack in vapor proof containers and seed treatment for prevention of seed from diseases during their most vulnerable time in ground/soil. Mechanical seed drying is done with imported Seed dryers.
It is done with fungicide/insecticide with dust treatment or slurry treatment with film coating of various sheds and seed treatment is done with mechanised seed treator..

4. Packaging and Dispatch - Packaging setup consist of PFS and Vertical FFS equipped with imported multi-weighers,auto check weighers with high weighing accuracy level with auto taping ,strapping,and shrink wrapping machine for Pouch ,Inner carton and Box Packaging separately for OP and Hybrid section. The Packing Capacity is 10 -20 Tonnes per day.
During packing label printing is done by latest technology of Thermal transfer printing and Ink jet printing..
The packaging material is tested at Sungro own developed packing material testing laboratory at Saha for thickness/Tensile strength of laminates. Bursting/compressive strength of Outer boxes etc.

5.Storage - OP - Multi level bin -Rack system for maximum utilization of storage space. Storage capacity is 1400-1600 Tonnes of seed stock and handled with mechanical equipments.Hybrid - De-humidification plant with multi-level rack system with controlled temperature and humidity. Storage Capacity is 400 Tonnes. To maintain safe storage & congenial working environment, the wind operated turbo vents has been installed over the roof of the plant. At Processing Plant new atomization projects are under progress for processing and packaging for value addition to end product. The strength of processing is team work of trained and qualified technical staff to deliver best possible results in a very limited time span.