SUNGRO is known for supply of quality seed to its customers. Since inception, we are engaged in supply of quality Hybrid and Varietal seed to the farming community in wide range of vegetable crops with an objective to provide reliable and reproducible test results at the right time.

The Quality Assurance system at SUNGRO is well established and the testing location have excellent infrastructure facilities with advanced equipments that help the seed testing personnel to carry out precise testing with high accuracy to ensure timely supply of quality seed to the customers.


The QA function carries out seed testing as per Internationally accepted procedures of seed testing to evaluate seed quality attributes in seed lot like Physical purity, Genetic purity, Viability, Vigor, Germinability, Freeness from pest , disease and weed seeds which determines the planting value of the seed and subsequent crop performance.

The seed lots received from seed growers and stored in seed processing godowns are sampled as per ISTA sampling guideline and samples are submitted to QA for testing various quality parameters.

Our focus is to ensure quality, right at inception with continuous improvements. QA function also carry out surveillance of production, processing and packaging activities to ensure supply of seeds as per quality assurance norms.