Sungro has established itself as strong and reliable Seed Company in contract production. It handles contract production of the following crop/varieties:

Eggplant (Hybrid) – Highest quantity and quality seed producer in India.

Carrot (Asiatic varieties) - Highest quantity and quality producer of OP Carrot seed in India.

Tomato – Highest quantity and quality producer of OP Tomato seed in India.

Cauliflower – Tropical to temperate varieties

Radish – Tropical to temperate varieties

Other product includes Gourds, Melons, Cucumber, Okra, Pumpkin, Chilli and Knol Khol

Sungro is committed for

Quality & Quantity : At Sungro, during seed production strict precautions and measures are taken to maintain the quality and yield of the seed in order to pass on maximum benefits to farmers at every step of production process.

Timely Availability: We ensure the highest quality of seeds as per planned quantity for processing and supply to market in time in cost effective manner by keeping production programs under strict supervision of technical staff.

Confidentiality: Last but not the least, we maintain full confidentiality of parental line while undertaking production.